Sunday, February 26, 2006 03/06/06-the Threat from Great Britain

In today's excerpt, the strange case of the perceived threat from Great Britain (and a clue as to America's unpreparedness for the German build-up for World War II) :

"As early as 1904, American army and navy staff officers had begun work on a series of color-coded war plans, BLACK in the event of war with Germany, RED for Great Britain, ORANGE for Japan, and so on through an artist's palette of growing files.

...In the years after World War I and Germany's enforced disarmament, military and naval planners considered only Japan and Great Britain as potential major enemies. Were these two powers, linked formally in an alliance from 1902 to 1921, to wage a two-ocean war against the United States, the planners decided America would necessarily fight first in the Atlantic, leaving the far-off Japanese for later."

Ed Cray, General of the Army, Cooper Square, 1990, p.188


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